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Put Your Love Out on the Table

Using Your Valentine’s Day Tablescape to Manifest Feelings of Love

Love is in the air, and on the table, this Valentine’s Day. The traditional celebration of this holiday is sharing an intimate dinner. This special meal is not just about the food, but also about the mood.

Create the perfect ambiance this Valentine’s Day by using psychology to inspire feelings of love. It is well known that colors evoke certain emotions, but it turns out that textures do as well! Blend together color and texture psychology as you design your tablescape to make a recipe for your very own Love Potion Number Nine!

Stripes and solids lacquer placemat white turquoise
Navy and white lacquer stripe placemat

Nurture a Budding Romance

If you want to set the ideal table for a newly blossoming relationship, you want to inspire the right romantic feelings without coming on too strong. Pink is the more fitting color to avoid being too brazen, as it stimulates a nurturing and playful sense of love. Pair this softer shade of the color of love with a texture that influences positive emotions and pleasurable sensations, namely, something soft and/or smooth.

A great table accessory to achieve this is the Patent Reversible Placemat in pink & fuchsia. The patent leather texture is pleasurable to the touch and the glossy smooth surface will arouse positive emotions. The modern edginess of the patent leather is balanced by the delicate pink and fuchsia colors, and pairing with the Cord Napkin Rings in pink & white results in the perfect color and texture combination for a romance that is still new.

Navy rope napkin ring

Reignite the Passion

Long-term relationships can probably use a rekindling of the romance. In order to supercharge the passion, opt to design your table setting using bold colors. The classic color of passionate love is red so using table accessories that display a brightly vivid shade of red can have this emotional effect. Once again, pair with smooth and/or soft textures to increase the positive and pleasurable emotions.

The Patent Reversible Placemats in red & orange will surely spark hot and arousing sentiments. The sensual shade of red combined with the luscious texture of patent leather can provoke very excited and fiery emotions. Adding the Flow Napkin Rings in red will further enhance these feelings, with the striking hue and curvaceous design. This sultry tablescape will make the oldest of couples feel like a couple of teenagers newly in love.

Red ombre round placemat

Celebrate Platonic Love

Not all Valentine’s Day dinners are intended to promote romantic love. For the hostess planning a Galentine’s Day meal or a platonic Valentine’s Day celebration for family or friends, there are still a couple of psychology tricks to boost the love without stimulating feelings of romance. Don’t be afraid to use the color of love in your decor, but balance it with white to create feelings of purity and innocence. Textures that are soft and smooth are still optimal, but choose ones that are more delicate.

Style your table with the Splatter Placemats in red to get the right emotional ambiance. The delightfully exquisite hand beaded work is highly pleasant to the touch, creating a feeling of refined elegance. The splash of deep red is just enough to inspire feelings of love and is perfectly balanced with the neutral white for a sense of classiness. Complement with the Cord Napkin Rings in red & white for the perfect finishing touch for this classic Valentine’s Day motif that isn’t overly emotionally stimulating.