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Spring Greens: Fresh Ideas for Table Decor

Winter is coming to an end (thank goodness!) and Spring has sprung back on to the table. We are all getting ready for spring, and with Easter being right around the corner after Saint Patrick’s Day, we decided that we would do a Spring Green Easter Table & Decor. Green reigns supreme in decor. It is a grounding color with its natural, tranquil vibes. Green is a color that works all year round in different shades and hues. It symbolizes renewal and hope. At Von Gern Home, we’ve got plenty of fresh ideas to inspire your Spring Green traditions and celebrations.

Stripes and solids lacquer placemat white turquoise
Navy and white lacquer stripe placemat

Nature’s Own Celebration. Enjoy the Greens.

Green holds a special magic. It is the color of new beginnings, representing the cycle of life, abundance, and growth. Spring brings us the magic of transformation within ourselves. Just as nature undergoes a metamorphosis, we too can embrace personal growth and renewal during this season. It is a time to shed old habits, and embark on new beginnings.

Celebrate nature and new beginnings with a fiesta of greens in your home and on your table. Gather your guests and put a springtime spin on your tablescape. Throw together simple salads, an asparagus risotto, a spring vegetable pie, or a spinach fatayer. Serve up your culinary spring delights on our faux leather Reversible Placemats in light green. Pair these modern and practical placemats with any of our napkin rings in stunning shades of green.

Bring it all together with sprigs of fresh spring herbs, vintage silverware, and clear crystal glassware. The festival of spring is in the air, and on your table!


Navy rope napkin ring

Take Color Cues From Nature.

This spring, the freshest greens lean toward bright, high-contrast shades. Vibrant green lies at the root of our most inspired table settings this season.

Decorate your table with our faux leather Reversible Placemats in dark green and colorful printed napkins. Mix and match napkins and rings. Arrange green vegetables as a visual treat in the center of your table.

Why not consider unpacking your old china and glassware collections in various shades of green? You might not often consider mixing styles and patterns of glass, but when they have a common color, they can easily be successfully combined.

Set your table with a mix of styles, and see how they coordinate perfectly when all are in one family of colors. Add pops of spring pinks and yellows by adding fresh-picked tulips. Offset all of the green with clear glass pieces as well.

Navy rope napkin ring

Bold, Bright and Spectacular.

Go all in for a full festival of color! The possibilities for creating a bold, bright, and spectacular tablescape are endless. Add exuberant spring colors and patterns to your greens. Go bold with vivid reds, deep blues and brilliant yellows. Give your table a fun touch with plates and napkins featuring colorful birds or vibrant flowers. Mix and match colors, prints and textures. Create an inviting and vibrant atmosphere of celebration, delight your guests and welcome the season with a colorful and layered tablescape.

Modern and dynamic, our green Lacquer Striped Placemats add sleek brilliance to any colorful celebration. Pair these modern placemats with our Cord Napkin Rings in green. Tie it all together with accessories from our Collections and Trays.

Spring gives us hope and a sense of renewed possibilities. Let your individuality come to life with a tablescape inspired by this glorious season.