Fabulous Fourth of July

Fabulous Fourth of July

Summer is in full swing and Fourth of July is approaching fast! Fourth of July is the third most celebrated holiday in the US and it is all about gathering around the table. Since the table is the centerpiece of this popular celebration, the table setting is the most important decor for this holiday.

The traditional color scheme for the Fourth of July is red, white and blue, but this bold color scheme can quickly turn gaudy and unflattering with the wrong decoration strategy. There is an easy way to create a very sophisticated yet whimsical look that will delight your guests. Start with a classic placemat on a neutral tablecloth for elegance, then add creative and lively embellishments for playfulness.

Stripes and solids lacquer placemat white turquoise
Navy and white lacquer stripe placemat

The Patriotic Flair

The Splatter Placemats in red or blue are a perfect foundation for a chic table setting. Either mix and match the red and blue, or stick to one color variation. These stylish placemats can be repurposed all year round for other events or as staple pieces in your home decor.

Pair with the Wood & Stripes Napkin Rings to add the stripes reminiscent of the American flag to your decor. Just as with the Splatter Placemats, you have the flexibility to either mix and match red and blue, or stick to one color variation for a uniform look. For a more monochromatic look, you can accessorize with the Rope Napkin Rings in navy. These chic napkin rings can be used for any occasion.

Turtle and Starfish decorative objects are such an enchanting and amusing adornments to add to the table setting. These fun sea creatures add that modern bold pop of color and will surely put a smile on your guests’ faces. Use them as a casual home decoration throughout the summer once Fourth of July passes.

Navy rope napkin ring

Flip the Script

The Patent Reversible Placemats are a must-have table accessory. Available in a variety of color combinations, the turquoise & blue, orange & red, and yellow & white placemats are the ideal table decor for your Fourth of July party. These versatile placemats feature the quintessential patriotic shades of red, white, and blue on one side, and bright summery hues of orange, yellow, and turquoise on the other side. With a single flip, these placemats transform colors, giving you double the decoration capability in a single accessory. Mix and match the red, white, and blue placemats for an eclectic look, or pick a single color variation and use tabletop accessories in other colors to complete the patriotic color scheme.

The Turtle and Starfish decorative objects can either add a striking contrast or harmoniously compliment the vivid colors of the Patent Reversible Placemats.

Lacquer Tray Red

Nautical Charm

The Woven Fringe Placemats in blue & white are ideal for outdoor entertaining. These fun placemats are practical, charming, and adaptable to a variety of different tablescapes.

Use these fashionable contemporary placemats as a base for your Fourth of July table and add red accent to the table in different creative ways. You can have red foods such as berries available on the table as a delicious decorative snack. Alternatively, you can use our decorative Lacquer Tray in red to serve food or drinks, adding that pop of color.

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Classic Memorial Day Table Settings with a Modern Twist

Classic Memorial Day Table Settings with a Modern Twist

Memorial Day is a holiday which exudes duality. Originally, Memorial Day marked the day that honored the men and women, who have served in the United States military. Eventually, Memorial Day also became known as the unofficial first day of summer. The two faces of Memorial Day – one serious and the other jovial – has become the essence of this holiday.

In the late 1860s, people would visit national cemeteries on May 30th and decorate the individual graves with flowers and flags, giving rise to Memorial Day’s original name: Decoration Day. Officially becoming a federal holiday in 1971, Memorial Day was observed by hosting family gatherings and organizing commemorative parades. The patriotic roots of this holiday give rise to the red, white, and blue theme.

These commemorative gatherings soon evolved into a festive celebration that also serves as a kickstarter to summer fun. This day became dedicated to barbecues, pool parties, hanging out on boats, and the opening of beaches. The nautical theme that characterizes the other face of Memorial Day emerged from these marine-focused activities. So in one holiday, there is a juxtaposition of the formal and the lighthearted; the patriotic and the familial; the red, white, and blue, and the nautical.

Stripes and solids lacquer placemat white turquoise
Navy and white lacquer stripe placemat

Stylish Reversible Placemats

Highlighting the decorative duality of what was originally known as Decoration Day, Von Gern Home introduces the Memorial Day Collection, featuring the perfect staple pieces to complement both the original motif and the modern twist associated with this day. Celebrate in style by dressing your table with versatile table setting that are seemingly tailor-made for Memorial Day but are also adaptable for the entire summer season.

The Patent Reversible Placemats in Red & Orange, Yellow & White, and Turquoise & Blue feature bold red, white, and blue hues on one side and beachy bright orange, yellow, and turquoise on the other side. These placemats are ideal for a classic patriotic Memorial Day theme and can be flipped to match a more mellow vibe for the rest of the summer season. These fashionable placemats are sophisticated and chic, yet at the same time create an artistically festive ambiance.

Navy rope napkin ring

Fun Napkin Rings

To complement the patriotic and nautical duality of Memorial Day, the Starfish Napkin Rings are a quintessential addition to the table decor. These fun napkin rings are a striking deep blue that both matches the original shade within the American flag and is, at the same time, reminiscent of the open sea. These unique napkin rings are both decadent and whimsical, perfect for casual table settings but also seamlessly fit to a more formal tablescape.

Red ombre round placemat

Nautical Decor

An unexpected decoration to bring everything together and add that impeccable finishing touch is the Sea Creatures from the Decorative Objects collection. Medium Starfish in orange and white, Large Starfish in navy, red, and yellow, as well as the Sea Turtle in red are utterly delightful adornments that can add a fun embellishment to a Memorial Day table and be reused throughout the entire summer. The glossy resin finish gives these decorative objects a contemporary and refined look that transcends the merely casual.

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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we are reflecting on what makes mothers so incredible. As it turns out, there is some science on this very topic! Two researchers at the University of Arizona conducted a study to see what makes the best mothers. This study shows that the best mothers are those who are well taken care of, emotionally speaking. More specifically, there are four factors that help mothers show up as their best selves for their children.

Stripes and solids lacquer placemat white turquoise
Navy and white lacquer stripe placemat

Experiencing Unconditional Acceptance

Experiencing unconditional acceptance involves feeling loved, respected, and seen for the person that you are. We feel that it is not enough to feel accepted by others, but that self-acceptance is also crucial. Accepting yourself and your genuine desires often takes the form of allowing yourself to have nice things because you recognize that you deserve them. Mothers always want the best for their children, but sacrifice quality for themselves. However, the science reveals that giving children the best is achieved by mothers also giving themselves the best!

Navy rope napkin ring


Mothers undoubtably feel stress on a daily basis. Each mother needs to have a personal safe haven that provides her with the comfort necessary to manage the tension caused by having to be a superhero for her family. Comfort can be provided by loving people, but it is also offered by a cozy, serene, and pleasant home. Creating a beautiful and relaxing sanctuary is the next step that science prescribes for mothers who want to be the best version of themselves for their children.

Red ombre round placemat

Expressing Authentic Self

A mother often loses her sense of who she is as a person because her attention is always on her family. Hardly anyone sacrifices more of themselves than a mother – they are the modern day martyrs. A huge part of being a good mother is being true to one’s own personality, spirit, and values. A mother needs to treasure her individual personhood and allow her unique light to shine through. One of the best ways to assert and convey authenticity is through style, whether it is the way a mom dresses herself or the way she dresses her home. Focusing on home decor is the perfect strategy for a mother’s emotional thriving, as suggested by science, because it allows for both an expression of her authenticity and for creating comfort.

Maasai multi beaded placemat

Satisfaction With Friendships

Importantly, the study found that the frequency of engaging with friends is most important. Maintaining friendships is difficult for the modern day mother, as she is so busy with taking care of her family, her home, and often juggling a job alongside all these other important responsibilities. One fantastic approach to maintain frequent social interactions is to host friends in one’s home. For a mother who follows the science-based advice provided in this post, her home will reflect who she is as an individual and this will work to further reinforce personal relationships with anyone invited into her special sacred place.

A mother who cares about providing the best for her family absolutely must focus on providing the best for herself as well. Women often take great care in decorating their living room and bedroom, but they cannot neglect the dining area. Mealtimes are crucial for time spent with family and friends – breaking bread is one of the oldest and best ways to strengthen and sustain relationships. Create a dining area that reflects your own radical self-acceptance, provides beautiful comfort, expresses your authentic personality, and design a wonderful setting to share meals with the people who matter most.


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Easter Tablescape Ideas to Get You Excited for Spring

Easter Tablescape Ideas to Get You Excited for Spring

Spring is in the air, and that means that Easter is just around the corner. This year, gather family and friends around a festive table, set with bright colors and bold hues of yellows, greens, and pinks. Our placemats and table accessories are perfect for any Easter get-together, large or small, with a variety of textures and colors sure to guarantee everyone have an egg-cellent time.

Stripes and solids lacquer placemat white turquoise
Navy and white lacquer stripe placemat

Striking Stripes

Approach your Easter celebration with a modernist take on traditional springy hues. Start with a raw linen tablecloth in a neutral color and layer our Lacquer Stripe Placemats in sunny yellow and warm gray. Reminiscent of the springtime sun and the freshness of the changing seasons, the curvilinear geometric stripes and striking lacquer offer a touch of minimalist glamour- a splendid juxtaposition with a natural linen tablecloth.

Add festive easter eggs strewn around the table or grouped in pretty decorative bowls. Dried floral moss arranged directly on the table offers a lovely hint of greenery. Double up on the festive sunny color with our coordinating Lacquer Stripe Coasters and adorable marshmallow Peeps.

Navy rope napkin ring

Spring Green

For many, Easter marks the start of spring and the new growth of the coming season. Explore the freshness of green with your Easter tablescape this year. Layer our Woven Fringe Placemats in eye-catching lime and white atop a neutral linen tablecloth. Crafted from “green” recycled plastic twine, these colorful placemats will surely delight and bring much-needed joy and freshness to your tabletop – perfectly synonymous with spring!

In lieu of traditional florals, scatter small silver or glass dishes filled with assorted candy treats in a variety of festive colors. Guests will be delighted by your fresh take on a centerpiece, and everyone will enjoy picking from the variety of sweet nibbles available. Add fun and practical Woven Fringe Coasters for an extra textural element. Effortlessly celebratory, this whimsical tablescape is sure to have everyone feeling the springtime spirit.

Red ombre round placemat

Festive Fringe

Embrace bright colors this Easter with a festive marshmallow Peeps-inspired tablescape. Incorporate color and texture with our Woven Fringe Placemats and mix bold pops of bright pink, magenta, yellow, and white.

Create an illusion of a live tablescape by layering dried floral moss directly on your tabletop or tablecloth to create a natural runner in an organic shape. Tuck colored Easter eggs, candies or marshmallow Peeps into the green runner to delight your guests. Finish by cinching napkins with our bright Floral Napkin Rings for an extra touch of springtime feeling. This joyous whimsical tablescape is a feast for the eyes that is sure to delight and impress your Easter guests.

Maasai multi beaded placemat

Celebrate Ukraine

Weighing on our hearts this Easter is the conflict in Ukraine. This year, pay homage to the culture and traditions of the Ukrainian people and explore the heritage of this incredible Eastern European country.

The rich culture and centuries-old heritage of Ukraine serve up colorful inspiration for our Easter tablescape. Brightly-colored painted eggs, known as Pysanka, are strewn about the table. While traditionally decorated using natural dyes such as onion peel, for a rich mahogany hue, and beetroot for vibrant reds and pinks, feel free to honor this tradition at home and use store-bought food coloring. Invite the kids to join in and create festive accents together all while honoring global traditions.

Delight your guests with traditional Ukrainian Easter foods, such as Medovik (honey cake), Smetannik (sour cream cake), and Ukrainian crepes, known locally as Nalysnyky. Our beaded Sprinkles Placemats with a rainbow array of colors add a playful element and festive energy to this Easter table setting. Finish by cinching napkins with beaded Floral Napkin Rings.

Looking to change up your Easter desserts this year? Try this recipe for Medovik cake courtesy of Natasha’s Kitchen.


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Beat the Winter Blues with a Colorful Table Setting

Beat the Winter Blues with a Colorful Table Setting

The winter lull can often leave us drained and uninspired. Compound that with snowy days, chilly temperatures, and slushy sidewalks – who wouldn’t be feeling bogged down in the mundane? This year, conquer those feelings with a few of our tabletop favorites and invite color, pattern, and texture to your table! Allow your tablescape to transport you to your favorite destinations around the globe and bring warmth and color into your home!
Stripes and solids lacquer placemat white turquoise
Navy and white lacquer stripe placemat

Escape to the Mediterranean

Evoke the essence of the French Riviera with the new lacquer Antibes Placemat and Coaster. Inspired by Aperol Spritzes, terracotta roof tiles, and sunsets over the gleaming waters of the Mediterranean, this bold injection of cream and orange will have you forgetting about the chilly temperatures and transported to summers on the water.

Complete your table setting with a fun napkin ring. Our Pearl Cluster Napkin Rings introduce a classic, textural element to the table. Horn Napkin Rings incorporate the timeless chic of horn, updated in an elegant and modern way with a bold pop of lacquer. The orange colorway is the perfect match for the Antibes Placemat, and the juxtaposition of natural horn and lacquer is sure to catch the attention of everyone at your table.

Maasai multi beaded placemat

Play with Texture

Incorporate texture into your tablescape with our wide range of beaded placemats and coordinating beaded coasters.

Elevate the everyday with a bold exotic placemat that provides a visual escape from the traditional tabletop elements. As intricate as the process used to make them, the Madagascar Placemats and Maasai Placemats combine graphic geometric patterning with vibrant color combinations inspired by African beaded jewelry. Create contrast, utilizing these coloful beaded placemats with a solid tablecloth, or add visual intrigue by layering the placemats against a patterned tablecloth.

Looking to add even more interest to your table setting? Our Beaded Napkin Rings perfectly coordinate with our African-inspired beaded placemats, with three interlocking beaded rings in vivid colors and bold stripes.

Red ombre round placemat
Lacquer Stripe Placemats

Plum Perfection

Lift moods and elevate spirits with an injection of vibrant color.

Drawn to the modern, curvilinear stripes of the Lacquer Stripe Placemats? Consider the deep warmth and visual interest of the Lacquer Stripe Placemats in plum and white. A striking addition to the table, the high gloss lacquer brings a reflective quality to the tabletop, playing against candlelight or overhead mood lighting.

Immerse your tablescape in the plum hue with a coordinating Lacquer Tray, in three convenient sizes, and the Lacquer Stripe Coasters. Available in the matching plum and white, these lacquer coasters, with their half-oval shape, add an unexpectedly modern element to the table.

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Set the Perfect Table for Valentine’s Day Celebration at Home

Set the Perfect Table for Valentine’s Day Celebration at Home

This year, bring love into your Home with our selection of placemats, tableware and accessories.

Valentine’s Day looks a little different for everyone, but the one consistent element is love. Whether that be love for your children, closest friends, spouse, partner or even budding relationship, show them just how much you care with a thoughtfully-laid Valentine’s Day table, sure to set the mood for a festive time! This year, celebrate in the warmth, comfort and convenience of your home!

Stripes and solids lacquer placemat white turquoise
Navy and white lacquer stripe placemat

Play With Patent

Show your children just how much you love them with a cheerful and fun meal together. Incorporate whimsy and color while keeping in mind that meals with children, like finger foods and Valentine’s Day chocolates can be a bit messy.

When planning a child-friendly meal, consider utilizing our Patent Reversible Placemats, adding bright color and festive elegance, convenient for easy clean-up. The Patent Reversible Placemats easily wipe off with a damp cloth. Add fun and whimsical touches to your child-friendly celebration and share the love with your children.

Navy rope napkin ring

Fun With Friends

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with your closest friends? Incorporate fresh, festive metallics through the Trio Reversible Placemats, with an eye-catching geometric mix of fuchsia, pink, and silver hues all boldly set off through graphic color blocking.

Mix in our angular Capri Lacquer Coasters and Ombre Napkin Rings for an unexpectedly-layered pink color scheme. Allow the tablescape to transport you back to fun nights out on the town, shared laughter and past celebrations together.

Red ombre round placemat
Lacquer Stripe Placemats

Lovely Lacquer

Setting the table for your spouse, partner or new flame? Why not pull out all the stops and utilize color and pattern boldly with our Circus Placemats or Lacquer Stripe Placemats. Bring the allure of geometry to the table and highlight the juxtaposition of red and white! High gloss lacquer adds an unexpected textural element to the table, and plays quite nicely with flickering candlelight.

Pair the placemats with coordinating lacquer coasters and red napkin rings for an elegant, put together feel. Alternatively, add an unstructured element of surprise to the table with red Horn Napkin Rings, Zinc & Leather Napkin Rings or Wood & Stripes Napkin Rings. Use color to hint at an evening of romance in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Ultimately, no matter who will be at your table this Valentine’s Day, bring the love, the festivity, and the romance home with placemats, coasters and table accessories from Von Gern Home. Celebrate love at home, gathered around a perfectly-set table with those you love the most!

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Start the year on a high note with these fresh tabletop decor ideas!


Indulge your dramatic side with daring tablescapes as you celebrate friends new and old, the highs of the past year, and excitement for the year to come.

Rely on wintry colors—black counts too!—paired with a little shimmer and a lot of sparkle. For textures and materials, our favorite winter table settings take cues from our favorite party attire. Sleek shell pieces that look like jewelry, metallic wovens, and pebbled leathers will lift your table to new heights as you and your guests ring in the new year.

Cheers to a joyous 2022!

Stripes and solids lacquer placemat white turquoise
Navy and white lacquer stripe placemat


Craving a decadent New Year’s dinner by the glow of candlelight? Indulge in pearly place settings in cool, silvery hues.

Start with a solid linen tablecloth and layer our dazzling Pearl Placemats in a coordinating hue on top. Give your go-to glassware and cloth napkins a home with coordinating Pearl Coasters and Napkin Rings, opulent when dressed up with fine china or downplayed with simple, white plates.

Leather more your thing? These Split Reversible Placemats shimmer in combinations of pearl and silver or blue and silver—so pick your favorite side or mix both color combinations together for some added visual interest. Pair them with these silver Rope Napkin Rings or Pearl Cluster Napkin Rings to elevate your favorite fringed napkins while adding elegant textures to your table.

To top it all off, polish up your silver service and pile platters high with apples, figs, and olives. Dot the center of your table with simple vases of white dahlias or ranunculus, sprinkle in some pearly baubles leftover from your tree, and your tabletop design is party ready!

Navy rope napkin ring

Shimmer and Shine

Desiring a more dramatic party? Black feels especially apropos for a winter soiree. Ground your table with this rich color and enliven it with shimmery and sparkly accents. For a crisp foundation, we favor metallic tablecloths and go bold with our dinnerware. Black and gold-rimmed china, smoke glass coupes, and flatware in matte finishes up the ante atop our Sparkle Placemats in black and gold.

Want a truly kaleidoscopic table? Set out these Celestial Placemats and coasters made of iridescent crushed shells. With green, blue, black, and creamy shimmer, these unique pieces look perfect with almost any accent color!

Neatly wrap each napkin in Sparkle Napkin Rings—again, available in black and gold—or our jet black Rope Napkin Rings.
Deep purple foliage and fruits and a carafe of your favorite winter wine make a spectacularly moody centerpiece.

Red ombre round placemat
Red ombre round placemat

Rosy Future

Looking toward the year ahead with excitement? Bring those positive vibes to your holiday tablescape! Nothing creates a sense of optimism quite like pairings of pink and white, so build your table around this cheery color combination. Start with a tablecloth in a pinkish hue or simple white, and layer our Pearl Placemats (available in both rose and white) on top.

Go monochromatic with your placemats and linens for a chic, traditional look, or mix pink and white elements together for added flair. With these placemats as a colorful base, we love using decadent fine china, edged in gold and silver. For an even bolder look, consider pulling out your favorite geometric or floral china, preferably a pattern with pinks in the mix. Add your favorite flatware, set your glassware atop our Pearl Coasters, and turn your attention to the accessories.

Like jewelry for your table, our Pearl Napkin Rings and Pearl Cuff Napkin Rings add a glamorous finish to each place setting.

Set a practical centerpiece for your New Year’s affair. One of charcuterie staples, simple vases of tiger lilies, and spectacular serving pieces lining the table is sure to stand out!

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Deck the Halls

Deck the Halls

Three color palettes for spreading Christmas cheer to your holiday tabletop design

Haul out the holly and, while trimming the tree and festooning your home, save some chic for a happy, holiday table! A mix of extra ornaments, garland, candy confections, and gingerbread, combined with winter’s best blooms—hello paperwhites and amaryllis—make deliciously chic centerpieces with endless color combinations!

Red and green décor is not the only option for a Christmas dinner! Experiment with table decorations and desserts alike, pulling out your favorite pieces and recipes for a party sure to delight. After all, we always advocate for using exactly what you have and having fun with the mix, and the holidays are no exception.

So, curate your favorite Christmas playlist and relax; we have holiday tabletop ideas for every kind of hostess.

Stripes and solids lacquer placemat white turquoise
Navy and white lacquer stripe placemat

Silver and Gold

For a sophisticated Christmas tabletop setting, try silver and gold décor. Start your table with a shimmering tablecloth in your metallic color of choice and layer our Graphic Sparkle Placemats (available in three styles!) or our Textured Metallic Reversible Placemats on top, for a dash of something dazzling. With these placemats as your base, select your favorite china—styles with metallic rims and motifs look extraordinary in the mix—and faceted glassware for place settings sure to shine. Even white dishes mixed with gleaming flatware pop against this metallic base, so work with what you have!

Napkins look stately cuffed in our Pearl Cluster Napkin Rings or Pearl Cuff Napkin Rings – a modern take on a style staple. Set out your centerpiece ahead of the holiday rush—surrounding vases of peonies and dusty miller, or scattered ranunculus and fir cuttings, with an assortment of your shiniest silver and gold baubles. Fill flutes with your favorite champagne and raise a toast to your loved ones.

Navy rope napkin ring

Warm and Wonderful

There’s no place like home for the holidays. Relaxed evenings with a crackling fire, mulled wine, and cozy conversations around the Christmas tree are distinct joys of the season. To up your party’s homey appeal—with elegance enough to satisfy—incorporate rich red and brown tones and ample texture all around your table.

Lay out a crisp, white tablecloth for a bright foundation. Pull out our Splatter Placemats in shades of bronze or Splatter Placemats in vibrant red, and top these with classic, white lettuce ware or decorative china for welcome texture. With a classic base set, use floral and embroidered napkins freely. Create charming centerpieces with lots of texture, using fir branches and colorful ornaments or red-hued floral arrangements of peonies, Japanese maple cuttings, and plumosa. The overall effect is equally cozy and polished.

Red ombre round placemat
Red ombre round placemat

Holly and Ivy

Red and green never disappoint for a Christmas party. Nothing says Christmas quite like bunches of china berries, stems of holly, and sweetly cascading ivy adorning stoops, begging guests come calling.

Start your fresh take on this classic color pairing with a gleaming mahogany tabletop or floral tablecloth as your base. Add shimmer to your table with Reversible Metallic Placemats or a dose of sumptuous, red lacquer with these Ombre Placemats for a perfectly modern look. With a base of complementary colors set, get creative with your china. Classic patterns adorned with fancy florals and sleek, chromatic dishes work seamlessly here. Your favorite glassware will stand out atop these Ombre Lacquer Coasters. (Bonus: they make great Christmas gifts!)

Tie cloth napkins with red Sparkle Napkin Rings or red Horn Napkin Rings and turn your attention to the centerpiece. Continue your color scheme, placing potted amaryllis and bright, brass candlesticks down the table for an easy, festive finish.

Happy holidays to you and yours!

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Thanksgiving Entertaining Made Easy

Thanksgiving Entertaining Made Easy

Gather your guests and let us take care of the rest!

With a delicious menu of starters, mouth-watering sides, and everyone’s favorite turkey teed up, we gather our friends and families to celebrate gratitude and the tremendous blessings of the season. It is a time of traditions, resurrecting old family favorites and forming new ones with your guests as you enjoy a meal together around the table.

Whether you are aiming for a glamourous, elegant, or casual celebration, make sure to elevate your table with pizazz and charm. The many layers of your table will make your celebration more uniquely you. And, after all, your unique placemats, tapered candles, florals, and special centerpieces will remain on the table hours after the turkey has been polished off.

Read our favorite tips below and have fun scheming up your dream holiday dinner party. Happy Thanksgiving!

Stripes and solids lacquer placemat white turquoise
Navy and white lacquer stripe placemat

Glow Getter

The heart of your Thanksgiving celebration – your table, should be warm and welcoming. To achieve that inviting glow, start with a neutral tablecloth—a simple linen spread does the trick—and top it with these beaded Splatter Placemats at each place setting. We love fringed napkins rolled up inside these gold Rope Napkin Rings. Coupled with gilt flatware and simple glassware, your place settings will really shine.

Tasty snacks on golden platters, piles of Baldwin brass candlesticks fitted with slender, tapered candles, and a few vases of vibrant foliage add an extra dose of sophistication to your tabletop.

Navy rope napkin ring

Harvest Flair

Minimalism more your thing? Keep this year’s table clean and chromatic.

Lay down a solid tablecloth in your neutral of choice, and top it with these circular Reversible Placemats in shocking shades of orange and taupe. Switch sides as you move down the table to help each place setting feel fresh. For a double dose of orange, marry your placemats with sets of our Horn Napkin Rings. The lacquer and horn finish add another touch of modernism to your tablescape. For a metallic punch, try our Zinc and Leather Napkin Rings in taupe instead.

Next time you are at the market, take color and texture cues from nature (while supporting your local farmers), and snap up bouquets of foliage and flowers. Arrange these bouquets and clusters of plums, pomegranates, and citrus around the table for a chic and sustainable centerpiece. Even better, you will have plenty of produce to enjoy after the party’s end. Christmas orange garland, anyone?

Red ombre round placemat

Gilt to the Hilt

Elevate your dinner table with the glow of pearl and flashes of gold.
Let our rosy Pearl Placemats add iridescent shine to your tabletop and create your holiday color scheme. A pink-tinted tablecloth is the perfect backdrop for these elegant placemats topped with gold-rimmed china and gilt flatware. For delightful continuity, add an extra special sparkle with coordinating napkin rings. Use our Pearl Napkin Rings in rose or, for an added dose of flair, try our Pearl Cuff Napkin Rings in pearl and gold to tie up marbled napkins.

Make custom place cards for each guest with rosy accents to keep your color scheme consistent. For the centerpiece, we scattered vases of Tiger Lily and platters of charcuterie down the table for a look that is equal parts smart and chic.

Maasai multi beaded placemat

Color Wonder

For the color-inclined, we recommend a table that pops with fresh takes on traditional Thanksgiving hues. A brilliantly-colored linen tablecloth and coordinating napkins look stylish paired with our Lacquer Striped Placemats in stunning shades of orange and red. These oval beauties look simply stunning matched with our Horn Napkin Rings in a zingy orange.

Reference the brilliant colors of your place settings with your favorite floral china and bouquets of similarly hued dahlias and foliage.
Top off your table with another palatable layer—deliciously plated desserts and sliced blood oranges will have your table smelling divine when guests arrive.

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Holiday Hosting 101: Three Cheery Friendsgiving Fêtes

Holiday Hosting 101: Three Cheery Friendsgiving Fêtes

Gather your friends and pop the champagne, the friendliest of feasts is fast-approaching!

Friendsgiving is a time to celebrate our best friends—those who ensure our lives are joy-filled and make even the mundane magical. To honor our best buds and their sense of fun, we celebrate with serendipity! For our holiday tablescapes, we are all about using unexpected colors and pattern pairings.

No matter if you set a casual or formal holiday table, keep your tabletop functional and exciting. Remember that you are here to have a good time, not impress your mother-in-law. Reversible pieces and color palettes that work throughout the year make entertaining easy and effortless, while infusing your Friendsgiving celebration with a formidable dose of style.

We at Von Gern Home are here to inspire and encourage you to create gorgeous tabletop designs to delight your guests. After all, this is the season of giving, so dig in for our favorite Friendsgiving tabletop tips!

Think Pink

With Friendsgiving such a new celebration—the word didn’t appear in print until 2007—we take every liberty with our decorations. Dialing up the drama at a funky Friendsgiving gathering is easy with metallic accents and a hearty helping of pink.

Shimmery Trio Reversible Placemats create a dynamic tablescape as we rotate them down the table. Colorful glassware finds a home atop our Capri Lacquer Coasters and our Nice Lacquer Coasters mixed together for a splash of sophisticated serendipity! Ombre Napkin Rings in pink complement the fun color scheme. 

Throwing more than one bash? Transform your table by flipping over your placemats (they are reversible!) and bathe your table in a silvery glow. Light candles to elevate the shimmery pink and silver light—guaranteed to flatter and enchant your guests!

Floral Fancy

For florals with a perennial punch (no wilting blooms here!), we selected an allover pansy patterned tablecloth for that super sweet vibe. Sophisticated pops of silvery-gray and orange are woven throughout the scheme with flowers and tablewares to match. Our Split Reversible Placemats  create a chic holiday setting in shades of silver and pearl. White Sparkle Napkin Rings tie up fringed napkins in a festive swath of beaded texture.

Leave your woodland china in the cupboard and stick to elegantly easy china atop your bed of flowers. Style a vase of dahlias and  chrysanthemums and your table will really come to life.

Raspberry Riot

They say that fortune favors the bold, and this chromatic tablescape is sure to make a statement. We opted for a raspberry red tablecloth adorned with surrealist vegetation and layered our favorite Reversible Placemats in vibrant color combinations (we mixed yellow and gray for added fall flair). And with five color combinations available, we have options for all your entertaining needs.

To balance this technicolor tabletop, we selected simple, white china and bamboo-handled cutlery—staples that work throughout the year.
Dishes of sweet potato souffle, bowls of green veggies, and deliscious desserts will pop against this daring and delightful tablescape.

With every detail attended to, we think a toast is in order. Here’s to you, the friends who make us happy!

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Oh My Gourd! It’s Halloween!

Oh My Gourd! It’s Halloween!

Tricks and treats for tables so chic it’s spooky

Though hard to believe, the holiday season is upon us again, christened by the advent of that fabled height of haunts, Halloween. As shadows lengthen and the air turns crisp, our entertaining fervor is reaching fever pitch!

A supernatural, chic affair is in order; one that’s ghoulish, graphic, and glamorous. Leave behind the usual suspects—skulls and bones be gone! —and make these tablescapes colorful, a little wild, and a lot lavish with centerpieces of colorful candy, dazzling confections, and nature’s bounty aplenty (hello pumpkins).

The best part? We let our favorite, year-round dining essentials do all the heavy lifting. With just a few festive tweaks, each piece is transformed into something spooky, chic, and impossible to forget!

Sweet Treats

Candy is king for a Halloween bash! One can never go wrong with mountains of sweets and savories, pumpkins, and confection-inspired hues scattered down the table for a happy, Halloween feast.

An off-white tablecloth creates a pleasing background for our brilliantly colored Sprinkles Placemats, with technicolor specks reminiscent of your favorite childhood candies. Atop this cheery foundation, we like to pack a punch with carbon-colored cutlery and white dishes topped with the most whimsical of pastries—sugar skull cookie, anyone?

Cluster Jack-o-Lanterns and pumpkins with a healthy helping of candy corn interspersed, and you’ve got yourself a happy holiday table!

Holiday Harvest

Let Mother Nature’s bounty grace your next soiree.
We updated our favorite summer tablescape just in time for a harvest celebration. A light orange tablecloth zested up by our Woven Fringe Placemats and Coasters in shocking shades of orange and white, white porcelain plates, and our go-to glassware and bamboo cutlery look elegant and easy in the warm fall light.

For a centerscape that is sure to wow, select little pumpkins in shades of white and orange—variegated squashes are a cheery bonus—and weave them around simple vases of dahlias in the same hues.
The result is equal parts chic and cozy!

Pattern Punch

Want to host a party that is graphic without the gore? Opt for the most saturated hues of this season’s colors—orange, black, and white.

Lay down a richly colored tablecloth—we prefer this punchy orange number—and mark each place with our beaded Geo Placemats as your foundation. Matte black plates and cutlery add a touch of haunting drama. Tie dark-colored napkins with our Beaded Napkin Rings and set out smoked drinking glasses for spiked ciders or bourbon beverages. Pumpkins and gourds in happy shades of green and yellow top off this festive setting.

With your entertaining bones at the ready, let loose your spooky sensibilities and have fun creating spellbinding tables that are sure to keep your guests talking!

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Ask the Expert: Entertaining at Home with Christopher Spitzmiller

Ask the Expert: Entertaining at Home with Christopher Spitzmiller

Christopher’s iconic ceramic lamp designs draw inspiration from classical forms and traditional gem like glazes. He began his career in 1996 in Washington, D.C. then moving to New York City in 1999, where he now creates his one of-a-kind lamps with his crew of skilled artisans. The lamps are of timeless appeal and luxurious quality. Christopher has expanded his designs to tableware and other ceramic accessories.

Christopher’s work is often featured in celebrated publications such as Architectural Digest, Town and Country, Elle Décor, Veranda, The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. He has had the honor of making lamps for the Oval Office, the past four White House Administrations, as well as the Blair House and other distinguished American homes.

When not in the Studio, Christopher can be found at his farm in Millbrook, NY gardening, bee keeping, making jam, cooking for friends, or tending to his flock of heritage breed chickens.


We asked Christopher to discuss his aesthetic vision with us and share his tips for entertaining at home.

Von Gern Home: How are you planning to celebrate Labor Day?
Christopher Spitzmiller: We’re at home for Labor Day. A friend from Rochester is visiting. Hoping for a quiet weekend…The following weekend is my 50th Birthday so we’ll be getting ready for that.

VGH: Your book, A Year At Clove Brook Farm, brings the reader through a full year of entertaining at your beautiful Millbrook farm. As an artist and ceramicist, what is the most inspiring thing about the summer months?
CS: The succession of flowers: snow drops, tulips, camassia, peonies, roses, sweet peas, lilies, and lastly dahlias. The garden inspires me all year long!

VGH: How does your artistic process change with the season?
CS: I spend more time in the garden in the summer, so I am less prolific in the studio during these months. The fall and winter are when I make the most. Thankfully the studio operates at full speed at all times of year.

VGH: How does your entertaining style change with the season? What is the most exciting thing about entertaining in the summer?
CS: Eating outside as much as possible. We have a roaming table, moving it from garden to garden. Two weeks ago we ate by the lilies. It was just like the John Singer Sargent painting Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose.

VGH: What’s on your table this season?
CS: Woven Fringe Placemats are fun with my blue and white marble plates. We use a lot of my Peony, Sweet Pea and Dahlia plates in the summer. I favor tall photophore hurricanes and tea lights to light the table at night. There’s nothing worse than eating in the dark.

VGH: When you set your table, where do you start in your tablescape design?
CS: I usually start with a tablecloth that reflects the mood of the table I’m setting and then work in the plates and whatever flowers are in season. I try to keep the flowers low so I can see my guests.

VGH: Tell us a little bit about your ideal dinner party. What’s the perfect setting, your signature cocktail, and what’s on your party playlist?
CS: Pretty much what I have described above. My fiancée, Anthony, is our bartender. He offers wine—red and rosé—and an Aperol Spritz. We play jazz or some other non-intrusive music.

VGH: What is on your dinner menu?
CS: I grill steaks, roast chicken and often serve lobster in the summer. Fresh tomatoes and burrata. Corn when it’s in season. Anthony is the baker and makes most of our desserts. He does a great Rhubarb tart and a fall-over key lime pie.

VGH: What’s your go-to host/hostess gift?
CS: I give homemade jams, eggs from the farm or flowers from the garden depending on what’s in bloom.

VGH: You’re an artist as well as an expert at entertaining. How is designing a ceramics collection different from and similar to curating a beautiful home?
CS: I want my pieces to be used. I like to say each day is all we have. I want my plates to be able to go from your Thanksgiving table to dinner for two to your Tuesday night dinner with family!

VGH: And you’re also a beekeeper, cook, and farmer! How do you think your sustainable lifestyle at Clove Brook Farm has influenced your artistic practice?
CS: We photograph my favorite flowers and have transfers made from them. They fire into the plate and become part of the glaze. My rule is that the flower must be grown here at Clove Brook Farm to make it on the plate.

VGH: Describe your artistic aesthetic in five words or less.
CS: Clean, classic, timeless.

VGH: What sets artistically designed tableware apart?
CS: We make everything by hand and that shows. Traces of the hand are present in every single piece we make. No two marble plates are the same.

VGH: What projects are you currently working on?
CS: We’re always making new lamp shapes. There are new faux bois dinner plates I’m working on and a few other collaborations that will be coming out soon.

VGH: And finally, who would you invite to your dream dinner party – dead or alive?
CS: My friends—Martha Stewart, Bunny Williams, John Rosselli and Carolyne Roehm. No party here is complete without dear Ashley Whittaker and her family!

Images courtesy of Christopher Spitzmiller  Visit https://christopherspitzmiller.com/ to learn more about Christopher’s work. 

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