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Table Decor Tips to Boost Your Mood

How Your Table Setting Colors and Patterns Can Influence Your Mood

With the holiday season officially ending at the New Year and frosty winter weather in full swing, January can bring a feeling of the winter blues. One of the best ways to combat that depressive feeling that can come about this time of year is by using color and pattern psychology. We share two decor tips that will elevate your mood and make you feel instantly happier in even the gloomiest of weather.

Stripes and solids lacquer placemat white turquoise
Navy and white lacquer stripe placemat

Table-Escape to an Exotic Destination

January is the perfect time of year to think about taking a tropical vacation, but not everyone has the opportunity to travel. Instead, you can bring that exotic destination to your table setting and make every meal feel like you’re abroad!

To get that vacation feel that will instantly boost your mood, use tribal geometric patterns in your table decor. Complement those striking patterns with colors that remind you of natural beauty, such as deep greens of rainforests or vivid blues of ocean waters.

Try styling your table with the Aztec Placemats or Charm Placemats to turn your tablescape into a Mediterranean getaway. The bold patterns and delicate hand-woven beadwork will transport you to a native landscape that will make you want to dance barefoot in the sand. The bright blues will inspire feelings of calmness and will rid of any anxiety that might be lingering from the holidays. In fact, doctor’s offices will often paint their walls in light blue hues because this color has such a calming effect! By balancing the patterns and the colors in your styling, you will create a tablescape that is relaxing and enchanting, the ideal antidote to feeling down in the dumps.

Bonus tip – try adding bursts of bright warm colors to this table setting for an extra boost of feel-good color psychology. Warm colors inspire enthusiasm, passion, and positive energy, so little embellishments of pinks, reds, oranges, or yellows will add extra mood enhancement to your decor.

Navy rope napkin ring

Crown Your Table as Royalty

Another way to offset that “blah” feeling that can arise this time of year is to improve your self-esteem by making yourself feel like royalty when sitting down for an intimate family dinner.

Just because the holidays are over and there is no extended family and friends to entertain doesn’t mean you can’t style your table for yourself and your immediate family in a decadent way.

You don’t need to do too much to create a magnificent and noble tablescape. All you need is the right colors and textures! Smooth silky fabrics (try satin!), brilliant and bright purples, and shiny metallics are all you need to create a table setting fit for a king and queen!

Purple is the color of royalty, so finding a simple tablecloth – no fancy patterns – in a deep violet will create the perfect base. The warm-toned color will surely inspire a positive state of mind.

Add some metallic embellishments, gold for that extra refined touch or silver for a slightly more subdued look. The Textured Metallic Reversible Placemat in silver & gold allows for the versatility to play with the different shades of metallics and get the look that you are most comfortable with, whether it’s the added flourish or the more subtle touch.