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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we are reflecting on what makes mothers so incredible. As it turns out, there is some science on this very topic! Two researchers at the University of Arizona conducted a study to see what makes the best mothers. This study shows that the best mothers are those who are well taken care of, emotionally speaking. More specifically, there are four factors that help mothers show up as their best selves for their children.

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Experiencing Unconditional Acceptance

Experiencing unconditional acceptance involves feeling loved, respected, and seen for the person that you are. We feel that it is not enough to feel accepted by others, but that self-acceptance is also crucial. Accepting yourself and your genuine desires often takes the form of allowing yourself to have nice things because you recognize that you deserve them. Mothers always want the best for their children, but sacrifice quality for themselves. However, the science reveals that giving children the best is achieved by mothers also giving themselves the best!

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Mothers undoubtably feel stress on a daily basis. Each mother needs to have a personal safe haven that provides her with the comfort necessary to manage the tension caused by having to be a superhero for her family. Comfort can be provided by loving people, but it is also offered by a cozy, serene, and pleasant home. Creating a beautiful and relaxing sanctuary is the next step that science prescribes for mothers who want to be the best version of themselves for their children.

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Expressing Authentic Self

A mother often loses her sense of who she is as a person because her attention is always on her family. Hardly anyone sacrifices more of themselves than a mother – they are the modern day martyrs. A huge part of being a good mother is being true to one’s own personality, spirit, and values. A mother needs to treasure her individual personhood and allow her unique light to shine through. One of the best ways to assert and convey authenticity is through style, whether it is the way a mom dresses herself or the way she dresses her home. Focusing on home decor is the perfect strategy for a mother’s emotional thriving, as suggested by science, because it allows for both an expression of her authenticity and for creating comfort.

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Satisfaction With Friendships

Importantly, the study found that the frequency of engaging with friends is most important. Maintaining friendships is difficult for the modern day mother, as she is so busy with taking care of her family, her home, and often juggling a job alongside all these other important responsibilities. One fantastic approach to maintain frequent social interactions is to host friends in one’s home. For a mother who follows the science-based advice provided in this post, her home will reflect who she is as an individual and this will work to further reinforce personal relationships with anyone invited into her special sacred place.

A mother who cares about providing the best for her family absolutely must focus on providing the best for herself as well. Women often take great care in decorating their living room and bedroom, but they cannot neglect the dining area. Mealtimes are crucial for time spent with family and friends – breaking bread is one of the oldest and best ways to strengthen and sustain relationships. Create a dining area that reflects your own radical self-acceptance, provides beautiful comfort, expresses your authentic personality, and design a wonderful setting to share meals with the people who matter most.