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Halloween Decorations: Scarily Chic Tablescapes

Halloween Decor Ideas That Are Scarily Chic

It’s October! What does your table want to be for Halloween? Sure, we make the kids pick one costume and stick with it (insert tantrum or storm-off here). With our dining décor, however, we can be a bit more lenient. We’re so in love with these three looks, that we’re doing them all! So here are some Tricks and Treats for your tablescape that will thrill …and kill the Glampire Games.

Stripes and solids lacquer placemat white turquoise
Navy and white lacquer stripe placemat

Pumpkin – the timeless Halloween decoration

Oh, Orange and Black – the time honored color combo of Halloween – until now. Let’s lean into the orange, and pair it with white! Suddenly we’re in a lighter, less sinister palette.

Think organic settings, here. Use sculptural natural branches, real pumpkins and gourds, flowers in the gorgeous rich tones of autumn. Want to use trick or treat buckets as accents? Replace the hard plastic pumpkin ones with spooky black cat heads, crafted from papier mâché.

As for place settings, keep them equally bright in tone and earthy in texture. Our Woven Fringe Placemats are the perfect pieces for this look. Hand-crafted in woven twine, they serve insouciant, festive style for a total Hallo-win!

Navy rope napkin ring

Witchful Thinking

Now that we’ve paid homage to orange, let’s give her a rest. That’s right. Black is back! And paired with white, it’s starkly stunning.

This tablescape is less trick-or-treat, and more All Hallows’ Eve. Imagine Edgar Allen Poe’s vision board: ravens, witches, cauldrons, and candelabras. Sinister suggestion rules this look. Think opaque black glassware. Love a skull? Make it metallic. Want a finger bowl or a candy dish on the table? Choose one with spider legs. Paint a wreath black and festoon it with bats.

Now, ready to serve some serious shriek? Our Splatter Placemats, Zen Placemats & Coasters; and Woven Fringe Placemats & Coasters, all in black and white, will cast a spell on you. Their elevated glamour serves Haute Horror at its best. See? It’s right here in black and white….

Red ombre round placemat

(Trick or) Treat Yourself!

We might be too old to dress up and beg for it, but that doesn’t mean we don’t crave candy. So let’s celebrate the bewitching sweets that have us under their spell.

This look is all about festive fun. The skulls are smiling here. Think Scared Silly! Stir the rich bright tones of autumn into this color cauldron: orange pumpkins, forest green leaves, yellow gourds. Add Halloween cupcakes, candy corn, and marshmallow ghosts to up the adorable ante. Day of the Dead Cookies? Absolutely.

How to bring this Hallo-whimsy together? Just add sugar! Inspired by the colorful coating on our favorite confections, our beaded Sprinkles Placemats elevate this esthetic to elegant. And you know what that means. You’ve still got room for dessert!