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Five Special Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home

A romantic Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean a big night out. Here’s how to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home.

After the excitement of winter holidays and the celebration of the New Year, there’s another holiday on the horizon: Valentine’s Day. Whether you’ve got a significant other to celebrate with or just want an occasion to fête with family, roommates, or even solo, we’re always in favor of making an occasion whenever possible. And, while continued COVID lockdowns may mean romantic dinners on the town are out of the question, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate love with Valentine’s Day at home. Here, five festive ways to celebrate the holiday from the comfort of your table (or bed!). To love!

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Virtual Valentine’s Potluck

Looking to celebrate the holiday with friends not in your household? Throw together a virtual potluck: Have each friend suggest a recipe for a different part of the meal (appetizer, side dish, main, salad, dessert—and even cocktail). Then, set a decadent table, no matter if it’s for one, two, or many. We’d recommend these festive red and burgundy reversible placemats and leather napkin rings to match—plus a lush centerpiece with whatever red flora or accessories you have on hand. Next, whip up the assorted dishes, coordinating with friends by phone, text, or Zoom while you do. When you’re all ready to eat, start with a video chat toast and enjoy your “shared” meal.

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Surprise Date Night

Couples stuck at home don’t have to forego the holiday either. Break up the monotony of the everyday with a surprise meal for your significant other. While your significant other is showering/finishing up work/putting kids to sleep, set a striking table to channel a Michelin-starred restaurant. Might we suggest a graphic, deco-inspired look with a striped tablecloth, lacquer placemats, and coordinating lacquer coasters and napkin rings in cherry red? Order delivery from your SO’s favorite restaurant on the sly, then set it on the plates for a delicious dinner at home.

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Themed Dinner

So maybe you and your SO couldn’t take a trip to your favorite romantic getaway this year—or maybe you’re missing another special activity (trips to the movies, museum tours, garden strolls). Use that to inspire a tabletop, bringing your favorite things to the home. If it’s gardens you miss, set a floral tablecloth and matching plates and placemats with an exuberant flower arrangement for a centerpiece (or, if you can’t find fresh flowers, try beaded floral napkin rings). Long for the beach? Toss some decorative starfish on the table and cook up a fresh fish feast. Itching for travel? We have some suggestions here…

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Patent Reversible Placemats

Breakfast in Bed

What’s better than being served breakfast in bed? It’s the original strategy for making dining-at-home special. Select a pretty tray, then use a cheerful setting (like these beaded splatter placemats). Add a simple bud vase and fill with whatever red flowers are available at the supermarket or bodega. Whip up your SO’s favorite breakfast and voilà!

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At-Home Wine Tasting

Napa Valley may be a no-go, but that doesn’t mean aspiring oenophiles have to miss out. Plan a DIY wine tasting by ordering a variety of wines from your local supplier, then collecting tasting notes (either ask your wine seller or use an app like Vivino). Arrange a line of glasses on oblong, easy-to-clean lacquer placemats (in case of any spills!)—you can use the ombré design to determine the order of darker to lighter wine! 

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