Transitioning from Summer to Fall Decor

Tips from Suzanne Zingg on Styling Tablescapes

Suzanne Zingg is a master tablescape stylist. She owned a fabric store for 32 years and after deciding to hang up her savvy business woman hat, Suzanne wanted a way to express her creativity while staying connected through social media. She has always enjoyed home decor, as home is her happy place, where she strives to create a beautiful atmosphere for herself and her family. Tabletop styling seemed like the perfect avenue for Suzanne to share her love of dishes and design.

Suzanne has taught us some incredible styling lessons through her Instagram gallery @suzannezinggstyle. We have used her guidance to gather four great tips for how to transition summer table accessories into an autumn tablescape.

Stripes and solids lacquer placemat white turquoise
Navy and white lacquer stripe placemat


A staple summer pieces is the Woven Rattan Placemat in black rattan. The rattan center creates a natural organic look, while the bold pop of fringe adds a striking blast of color in classic black. At first glance, it might seem that the earthy look of this placement is fitting solely for the summer season, but this piece is much more versatile than meets the eye! The neutral rattan also nicely complements autumn shades such as auburn, terracotta, and cornsilk. Take a page out of Suzanne’s book and style these adaptable and functional placemats with fall inspired accessories and decor.

Navy rope napkin ring


The Kenya Placemat is another table accessory that can be mistaken as being appropriate only for the summer season. A crisp white center and intricate outline of exotic colors makes these hand beaded placemats a bright addition to any table. Just because something is bright, however, doesn’t mean that it’s only for summer. Suzanne’s designs teach us that the trick with using bright table accessories to create an autumn table setting is to get wildly inventive and eclectic. Suzanne reminds us that too much is never too much as long as you have fun and let the creative muse carry you away. The vividly colorful Kenya Placemat paired with the Twist Napkin Ring in red can easily transition to a fall tablescape when matched with pieces that have the same vivid colors but have a more seasonally befitting motif.

Red ombre round placemat


Suzanne is a lover of luscious flower bouquets as centerpieces and says that the seasonal flowers she gets for her home are often the inspiration for her tablescapes. Inspiration for a beautiful table doesn’t have to come only from other table designs, but rather can be taken from absolutely anywhere! A glittery silver and gold clutch mirrors the Graphic Sparkle Placemat in white & silver, and the whole look is perfectly tied together with a crisp white napkin with delicate gold embellishment.

Maasai multi beaded placemat


The Maasai Placemat and Beaded Napkin Ring in blue, red & yellow are a melange of lively hues and most people would probably pair these with more subdued accessories. Not Suzanne! She is a big believer in playing with dramatic flair. She channeled her inner Ralph Lauren and styled these eye-catching accessories with equally flamboyant pieces to create a stunning tablescape that Mr. Lauren himself would be proud of. The summer is a time for dramatic colors and that same flair can transition into the fall season when you dare to create something extraordinary.