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Gorgeous Mother’s Day Decoration Ideas

Being a mother is often referred to as the hardest job in the world, so Mother’s Day is a time to thank mom for all the years of unconditional love and sacrifice. Celebrate Mom with a gorgeous meal to make her feel special. Since Mother’s Day is on a Sunday, you have the option of either a festive brunch or a fancy dinner. Whether your mother is a fun and colorful daytime type or a sophisticated and elegant evening type, we have a step-by-step guide for how to create the most exquisitely stylish tablescape for this special occasion.
Stripes and solids lacquer placemat white turquoise
Navy and white lacquer stripe placemat

A Bustling Brunch

If you decide to celebrate by putting together a Mother’s Day brunch, the aesthetic of the table decor should be bright and festive. A brunch tablescape should include many vivid colors and shades. Don’t be afraid to mix and match contrasting colors. Experiment with fun patterns and even try overlaying different patterns for an eclectic look.

The first step to designing a fabulous Mother’s Day brunch table setting is to pick out a tablecloth that is decorated with a colorful springtime pattern. Next, find a lively placemat. The Kenya Placemat is ideal for a brunch tablescape because of its multiple striking hues and unique design. This beautiful hand-beaded placemat also adds texture to the table. Pair with napkins that match the pattern of the tablecloth and fun modern napkin rings, such as the Twist Napkin Rings. You can even stack different colored napkin rings for extra flair. Enhance the festive look with metallics by using gold flatware. Don’t forget the quintessential Mother’s Day flowers! We recommend a bouquet of vibrant roses as the perfect finishing touch.

Navy rope napkin ring

A Decadent Dinner

Hosting a Mother’s Day dinner calls for an elegant tablescape. This tablescape should utilize neutral colors and delicate patterns. We advise to stick with either a monochromatic theme or, at most, a classic two-color combination such as black and white or navy and white. For this look, think simple and elegant.

Once again, the first step is to pick out a tablecloth. You cannot go wrong with a white tablecloth for this occasion, opting for a cream or eggshell hue rather than a bright white. After you have found a tablecloth, select a festive placemat. The Dewdrop Placemat is sophisticated and graceful, the perfect table accessory for a Mother’s Day dinner. This hand-beaded placemat features a refined pearl-lined border, unique shape, and gentle swirl design. Use this elegant placemat to create a monochromatic look in shades of pearly whites.

The Three Ring Pearl Napkin Rings perfectly complement the Dewdrop Placemat and look stunning on a crisp white napkin. The tableware should match the monochromatic motif, ideally with white plates and silver utensils. No Mother’s Day tablescape is complete without the flowers, so opt for a simple white bouquet of traditional springtime flowers such as tulips.