Beat the Winter Blues with a Colorful Table Setting

The winter lull can often leave us drained and uninspired. Compound that with snowy days, chilly temperatures, and slushy sidewalks – who wouldn’t be feeling bogged down in the mundane? This year, conquer those feelings with a few of our tabletop favorites and invite color, pattern, and texture to your table! Allow your tablescape to transport you to your favorite destinations around the globe and bring warmth and color into your home!
Stripes and solids lacquer placemat white turquoise
Navy and white lacquer stripe placemat

Escape to the Mediterranean

Evoke the essence of the French Riviera with the new lacquer Antibes Placemat and Coaster. Inspired by Aperol Spritzes, terracotta roof tiles, and sunsets over the gleaming waters of the Mediterranean, this bold injection of cream and orange will have you forgetting about the chilly temperatures and transported to summers on the water.

Complete your table setting with a fun napkin ring. Our Pearl Cluster Napkin Rings introduce a classic, textural element to the table. Horn Napkin Rings incorporate the timeless chic of horn, updated in an elegant and modern way with a bold pop of lacquer. The orange colorway is the perfect match for the Antibes Placemat, and the juxtaposition of natural horn and lacquer is sure to catch the attention of everyone at your table.

Maasai multi beaded placemat

Play with Texture

Incorporate texture into your tablescape with our wide range of beaded placemats and coordinating beaded coasters.

Elevate the everyday with a bold exotic placemat that provides a visual escape from the traditional tabletop elements. As intricate as the process used to make them, the Madagascar Placemats and Maasai Placemats combine graphic geometric patterning with vibrant color combinations inspired by African beaded jewelry. Create contrast, utilizing these coloful beaded placemats with a solid tablecloth, or add visual intrigue by layering the placemats against a patterned tablecloth.

Looking to add even more interest to your table setting? Our Beaded Napkin Rings perfectly coordinate with our African-inspired beaded placemats, with three interlocking beaded rings in vivid colors and bold stripes.

Red ombre round placemat
Lacquer Stripe Placemats

Plum Perfection

Lift moods and elevate spirits with an injection of vibrant color.

Drawn to the modern, curvilinear stripes of the Lacquer Stripe Placemats? Consider the deep warmth and visual interest of the Lacquer Stripe Placemats in plum and white. A striking addition to the table, the high gloss lacquer brings a reflective quality to the tabletop, playing against candlelight or overhead mood lighting.

Immerse your tablescape in the plum hue with a coordinating Lacquer Tray, in three convenient sizes, and the Lacquer Stripe Coasters. Available in the matching plum and white, these lacquer coasters, with their half-oval shape, add an unexpectedly modern element to the table.