Styled By

This month our Founder, Kira Faiman styled a table for us. She dressed a playful and colorful table for a summer lunch with family and friends. Kira also arranged her dream breakfast table.

Fun & Color for Lunch

Kira loves to experiment with colorful table setting ideas for every day, believing that each day is a special occasion. We eat with our eyes first, and that visual aspect includes a beautiful table setting.

To evoke the feeling of a sunny summertime luncheon, Kira introduces yellow fringe placemats that complement the vivid botanical theme of the tablecloth. A centerpiece of spring flowers and seasonal fruit brings it all together.


"I love playing with textures, materials, and colors. I added a pop of yellow to the summer lunch table. It reminds me of vacationing on the Mediterranean coast and the fragrant lemons that grow there."- Kira Faiman

Beauty & Simplicity for Breakfast



"I believe a beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset and a beautiful table setting. This is my dream breakfast setting but, as a busy mother of two little girls, I rarely get to enjoy this myself."- Kira Faiman

As a mom, Kira knows the value of taking a few moments to herself to get centered before starting the day. An elegant but casual table setting idea for breakfast is one way to give herself that necessary time. In her dream world, Kira's breakfast table is a study of chic minimalism that focuses on clean lines and a warm color palette.

Styled By is a section that celebrates creativity and inspiration in the home. Our goal is to show you how to style a variety of Von Gern Home products and open your mind to a wealth of table setting ideas for everyday use in your own home.